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On The Move - Life of Abraham


When the Jewish people came into the inheritance of the Promised Land, they were instructed in their Law to bring a thanksgiving tithe of the firstfruits of their crops as an offering to God.  When they brought their offering before the priest, they were to recite some words, which began, “My ancestor was a wandering Aramean . . .” (Deuteronomy 26:5).  Although this is a reference to Jacob, the adjective wandering is no less true of his grandfather Abraham.  If there’s one thing that’s obvious about the life of Abraham, it’s his travels.  If he had a passport, it would be well-stamped. Mesopotamia, Haran, Egypt, Moreh, Moriah, Beersheba – he’s seen some sights and crossed some borders.  Abraham was a man on the move.


But it isn’t just his geographical relocations that intrigue me.  Abraham’s physical journeys were in some ways a parallel to the way in which he was constantly on the move in his relationship with God.  At first God was just a voice that distinctly called to him out of nowhere, beckoning him to a new life, a journey out of a place of deep sadness and hopelessness.  As time went on, that unknown voice acquired the character of a personal God, One who invited relationship with Him, One who drew Abraham to trust Him more and more.  And just when Abraham thought He couldn’t demonstrate any more trust, more was asked for.


Here is the unrelenting nature of relationship with God.  To be on the move with Him is a constant adventure. There is always more of Him to discover.  God invites you and me into such a relationship. It’s a warm invitation, but one we are free to ignore or to accept.  That’s why this series is called On the Move, because we have to choose to be on the move with God.  But what we discover is that when we join the journey with God, not only have WE made a move but we learn that God is making HIS moves on the way, too.  This relationship between us is a dynamic one, something shaped by circumstances, our response and God’s power and faithfulness.


So, ready for a new adventure with God?  Prepared to make your move with Him? Then let’s step into an amazing story through which we’ll discover more about what it means to journey with God, trusting Him deeper than we may ever have done before.

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